Saturday, October 24, 2009

Best Friends

Everyone needs a best friend no matter how old you are. One that laughs at your jokes even when they may not be funny to anyone else. One to dress up with. One to share ice cream with. One to wipe your face when you have the leftovers of chocolate on it. One to hug you when you fall down or make a mistake and tell you its going to be okay. One who comes to your defense when your feelings have been hurt and then helps you to remember that that person probably didn't mean to hurt your feelings. One who helps you to want to become a better person and then truly helps you to become that person. One to share in your happiness and knows the trials of getting to that point. One to help those rainy days become sunny again. Each of us needs that person and we thank Heavenly Father for those "Friends who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly."

Ainsley's best friend is Olivia. In primary one day Ainsley was the spotlight child. The primary counselor started to read hints about Ainsley (without anyone knowing it was her). She got to the point about Ainsley's best friend and said that her name was Olivia. Ainsley quickly spoke up for everyone to hear and said "Hey, Olivia is MY BEST FRIEND." We then explained that it was about her. She smiled from ear to ear. Olivia, we are so grateful that you are Ainsley's best friend. You will never know how many days you have brightened. And thanks for always being there for her and picking her up when she falls down. We love you Olivia!!! (And most importantly thanks Jessica for setting such a great example of being a best friend for Olivia . . . she truly learned from the master, hugs and kisses!!!)