Thursday, September 10, 2009

No Wiggling on My Mat and Pinky Promises

Ainsley's first week of preschool was exciting and a learning experience. The children receive frog's to chart their behavior. The goal is to keep your frog on green. That means you have been well behaved all day. For the first couple of days when I went to pick Ainsley up her frog was on yellow. That is the first color you receive after green. Her teacher told us not to worry about the colors the first week and that it would be a transition for everyone. Well, I asked Ainsley why her frog was on yellow or as she says it "lellow." She told me because she "wiggled" on her resting mat. She decided instead of resting like all of the other children she would make this a social time. Every day we talked about how we needed to be still and rest like the other children during rest time. She didn't have to go to sleep just rest. At the end of the week if they have been on green they get to go to the treasure box. On Thursday (the end of their week) I went to pick Ainsley up and I didn't even recognize her. She had pulled out her ponytails and had the ribbons in her hands. Her teacher looked at me and said that she was upset because she didn't get to go to the treasure box. I took Ainsley's hand and we left her room. I asked her questions about her day but she said she didn't want to talk right then. During the long weekend we talked about why she needed to listen to her teacher and we made a "pinky promise" that she would stay on her mat. On Tuesday morning we again made that "pinky promise" just to remind her. Well, SHE DID IT!!! She was so proud of herself. I am sure we will see another "lellow frog" again but for right now I am grateful for "pinky promises."

1st Day of 5th Grade and Preschool

I am a little late getting this posting but as I always say "better late than never." Since the girls started school it has been one big whirlwind. I can't believe that Ashlynn is actually in 5th grade and that Ainsley is in her first year of Preschool. Where has the time gone??? I was looking back at pictures when Ashlynn was Ainsley's age and it truly seems like yesterday. The little girl with her flipped hair has now turned into a beautiful girl with straightened hair (thanks to our flat iron -- we are now on the second one) and sometimes in a pony tail with a ribbon in it. Ashlynn is such a wonderful example to her little sister. We call her the "Queen" and Ainsley is her "Princess." Don't ask me what they makes me (The Old Ancient Queen). Trust me, we don't let those titles get to their heads. Those tiaras come off just as easily as they are put on.
I just can't believe only one more year of Elementary School. I don't think I am ready for Middle School. At least I have a year to get ready (mentally). Both Ainsley and Ashlynn were so ready for school. We had a wonderful summer full of fun and entertainment but I think all of us were ready for a schedule.

Last year Ashlynn complained that her book bag was not big enough to carry all of her books so this year I made sure she had no excuses. Her bag is basically as big as a piece of luggage. Thank goodness for rolling bookbags.

Can you see the excitement in her face. She has been looking forward to this day for a long time. She was born ready to go to preschool. It was a little sad the day she found out that I would be her school bus and that she would not be riding one like Ashlynn. All summer she would pray "that she could go to preschool soon."

This is Ainsley in her classroom. I asked if I could help her put up her lunchbox but she said "no I think I will hold onto it for just a little while." I think she was worried that they might not feed her and wanted to make sure it was close at hand.

Okay I know what you are thinking "that bookbag is as big as she is" and trust me those are the comments that we heard on the way into her classroom. Her teacher told us to make sure the kids had a full sized bookbag large enough to carry a three-ring notebook. I carried her notebook and this was the size that it fit into. Little did I know that she would not be bringing home her notebook every day. Oh well, she loves it and we will get a few years out of it. Ainsley's only requirement was that it had to be pink. Her wish was granted.

I did pretty well and put the game face on the morning I took her. The waterworks started after I pulled out of the parking lot. I think it finally hit me that she was growing up. I am sure there will be more waterworks in the future with both of my girls. How lucky I am to have them in my life. They have inherited their father's gift of making others smile with laughter.